Reviews have ranged from: "Brilliant songs, fabulous lyrics", "Touches the nerve of the times", "Funny, poignant, sad, uplifting all at once" and "I laughed out loud!" to "Terrible" and "Gosh, did John Shuttleworth lend you his keyboard?" Tinders took that last one as a compliment.
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Laughing out Loud - An homage to text-speak ...

Tête-à-tête and heart to heart, communication à la carte ...

À la Mode
Seeking something in a smile, intrigue in the mystery aisle ...

Déjà Vu
The stars and planets all agree, we’re approaching our apogee ...

True Romance
Tonight would like to meet someone who’s indiscreet ...

Côte d’Amour
Kiss and tell I think you’re swell, charmed bewitched under your spell ...